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Azure Backup datasheet

Your data is more important to your organization than ever before. In today’s technological world, having the tools to back up your information is vital to success. Azure Backup helps you retain rapidly increasing amounts of data while keeping storage

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Day in the life–Financial services

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a financial services professional is like? With cloud email, partners can manage their business on the go and safeguard customer data. With Outlook, features like FindTime make it easy to identify

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IT Buzzwords & Acronyms Explained

In this article we’re going to explain some of the more common IT Buzzwords and Acronyms that you might hear from your current IT team/partner of read online (our blog posts for example¬† )

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What you need to know about Microsoft Teams

https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/2431775/Blog%20Images/Microsoft-Teams-Digital-Hub.png Microsoft Teams is a product that was added to the Microsoft Office suite in 2016 to assist users with chat-based collaboration. It can help teams who are dispersed globally or who need to work together remotely to share information,

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