4 Overlooked reasons why CRM implementations fail

4 CRM Failings to avoid.. So you’ve decided you need a CRM for Sales and Marketing – whether you are choosing to implement your first one or looking to switch from an existing one, there are common factors why your implementation will fail. Moreover, why merely using another one won’t deliver the results you were…

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Appliant Joins HubSpot CRM Sales Partner Program

Hubspot CRM

We’re super excited today to announce that Appliant joins the prestigious Hubspot CRM Sales Partner Program. Further expanding the portfolio of services and solutions that we offer our clients. The evolution of Sales and Marketing is an exciting time for businesses, where growth objectives are delivered from an aligned team of Sales and Marketing professionals.…

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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation means implementing digital technology in a way that transforms human life. The phrase ‘digital transformation’ is most often used in a business context. It means the process whereby businesses develop new digital strategies that help to move their operations in a whole new direction. Transformation through digital strategies: statistics and trends A recent…

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