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Already using an IT Partner? Considering an interim CTO? Read why outsourcing to a virtual IT Director might be a good option.

In our daily lives, we often struggle to give and receive impartial advice, whether it is advising a friend on what car they should buy or maybe the same friend is giving you guidance on what laptop you should buy. In our personal lives, we often provide opinions based on experience and personal taste.

When you are making decisions about your business and IT requirements, there are independent experts, and there are experts that have a particular bias because of their expertise and experience. While there is nothing wrong with seeking expert advice, consider this; would you walk into a VW dealership expecting information on other brands of cars?

No, because you know the dealership only sell VW, so this is what they know, sell and are experienced in servicing and repairing.

Much like your business and technology decisions an IT director will make decisions based on not only their vast career experience but also by comparing a broad set of possible solutions to your requirement, he or she will pick the product or service that best meets your needs today and for the future.

You could consider hiring an IT manager, but this presents different challenges; IT Managers will typically have a specific technical skill set but not necessarily the broader business/commercial experience needed from an IT Director or CTO. It is also likely someone in your business will need to spend time translating commercial business objectives into technical direction and continue to guide the IT Manager.

Some companies will employ an interim Chief Technical Officer (CTO) to help them with a particular challenge or transformation project; this is only really cost effective when you need someone contracted into such a role for an extended period.

Hiring an IT director can be expensive and is not always a full-time role, an alternative option is to leverage a Virtual IT Director, often also known as a virtual outsourced IT Director. Providing you independent advice and strategy that’s aligned with achieving your business objectives and overcoming your challenges. Our service provides you with over 20 years of such experience and can also manage your existing third-party IT suppliers much like a full time IT director would.

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