What you need to know about Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is a product that was added to the Microsoft Office suite in 2016 to assist users with chat-based collaboration. It can help teams who are dispersed globally or who need to work together remotely to share information, to connect together to make plans and discuss on-going projects. The product allows users to chat as a team, one-on-one, and even allows for documents to be shared, as well as offering the usually Microsoft Office tools such as Skype, Sharepoint, Yammer, and Exchange. All in all, it is a great tool for keeping up with those who work remotely and to ensure that teams are regularly kept up to date in order to help keep them working from the same page. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Teams.

It can Provide the Ideal Platform for a Modern Workforce

Modern organisations, in attempts to streamline business, tend to operate with a flatter hierarchical structure. This means it is even more important that information flows quickly throughout teams and that communication is prioritised. This is one of the reasons why Microsoft Teams was created, the creators recognised that organisations were diversifying and so they wanted to create a digital environment that was open with full accessibility across the board. The tool works seamlessly with other Microsoft Office products, so you can, for instance, set up a group on Teams and then work with that same group in other Office products, you can use the full range of products within a team rather than individually. This is a huge step forward for collaborative working.

Excellent Meeting Capabilities

The ability to hold meetings remotely will be the key to success with modern organisations. Using Skype technology, Teams gives you excellent voice and video capabilities, which makes meeting remotely just as beneficial as the traditional face to face business meeting, just without all the expensive travel expenses. Plus, the software makes use of new ways of communicating, such as Emojis, Gifs and Memes, your staff will be able to have fun while they communicate too. Teams also allows you to schedule meetings and clearly shows you in the menu the time of meetings already scheduled along with the subject matter of the meeting, and the other participants.


Teams has a number of Bots to help your staff increase their productivity. T-Bot will answer questions about the Teams program, while Polly Bot will poll colleagues and Growbot will allow colleagues to issue praise to each other. Plus there are about 21 other bots to help your team do the best work possible.

Highly Customisable

Microsoft Teams can be tailored to meet the needs of any business. The platforms has many options available to help you ensure it meets the needs of your business and also has open APIs so that the program can interact with pretty much any software that you use within your business. If you want Teams to provide you with updates from Twitter, for instance, or services such as Github this is all entirely possible thanks to Microsoft Exchanges Connector Model. The Bot framework allows you to customise the information that you receive or supply to any third party to make it work for your business.


Security is a major factor for many businesses when they are considering software. In the era of the hacker and of data being compromised, it is essential that businesses pay particular attention to the security of any of their digital platforms. Microsoft Teams really excels in this area. You can be sure when you invest in any of the Microsoft Office tools that security will always be at the top of their agenda and that updates will always be made available in response to specific threats. Data is encrypted as standard at regular intervals and all Office tools meet security certification regulations from ISO 27001, HIPPA and Soc 2.

Microsoft Teams can really help when it comes to propelling a business forward. Every good manager knows that communication is key to the success of their team and that a robust tool that allows employees to communicate in meaningful ways could help take a business to the next level. Take a look at the product offering today and assess how the tool could improve how you share information.

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