Business & Technology Services

Appliant provide business with services and solutions that help them identify and overcome growth challenges by ensuring they have scalable business processes and the right technology in place to deliver their business objectives.

Business Challenges We Solve



Customer Relationship

From sales & marketing enablement, real-time collaboration and communication to helping businesses accelerate customer acquisition, service and retention our business solutions help clients solve evolving challenges of our digital revolution.

Technology Services We Provide




Technology won’t solve every business problem, however, our experience means we are pragmatic in our approach to solving challenges and achieving objectives. Our People, Process, Technology approach enables us to design solutions tailored to individual businesses needs rather than the one-size fits all approach to IT.

What makes us different?

We believe the IT industry could do a better job in its role of supporting businesses, rather than solely focus on the blue lights and pink lights, we believe in thinking outside of the box, understanding clients business how they operate and their respective market.

By doing all this we can deliver immense value in the services and solutions we provide without costing any more.

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